Papawai Bill

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I had the opportunity to introduce the Papawai and Kaikokirikiri Amendment Bill for its first reading in Parliament.

The Papawai and Kaikokirikiri Trusts Board distributes trust funds for the purpose of post-primary Maori student’s education. This bill will strengthen the board’s role by removing restrictions in the current law as to where the funds are spent, allowing the Trust to invest in Maori education at its discretion.
Another change is to establish a more ro...bust nomination of board members. Tangata whenua of Wairarapa will be able to play a role in electing or appointing members to the board.
The bill also helps to facilitate the long-term development of land. This is essential, as it empowers the board to increase the amount of trust money to be distributed to students.
These changes can only be achieved through legislation, and I am pleased to be the sponsor of this bill.