Wairarapa and Central Hawkes Bay the places to be

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Housing affordability is a hot topic.

House prices have been rising as demand has outstripped supply, especially in Auckland, over many years. The solution, initiated by the Government, is to increase the supply of land available for housing and to allow more intensive housing on existing sites.

In the meantime, firm Auckland house prices offer benefits for the Wairarapa and Central Hawkes Bay as some Auckland property owners do the math and appreciate what they can get here when they sell their property and head south. The price differential between Auckland and the provinces motivates people to move. The larger the gap, the more motivated they are to move.

We are now seeing new people in our districts who have chosen to live outside the main centres. Talented people, with unique skill sets and experiences, willing to contribute to the new place they call home, and we welcome them.

New investment comes with these new people. Houses that have been on the market for some time are selling more quickly to those new owners.

Some will bring children and grandchildren with them. Commuter trains become busier and school roles rise.

New businesses start up, either based from home connected to the world via the internet, or in the main street in one of the offices above a retail shop.

Next there are new subdivisions and new buildings being erected.

Not boom and bust activity, but steady.

Much of this is because of the internal migration within New Zealand, much of it from Auckland.

Auckland really is a global city these days, plugged in particularly to the other great cities around the Asia-Pacific Rim.

I am happy Auckland is recognised as a truly international city. It is not for everyone and I welcome those who have sold up and moved south, bringing their experience, their families and their money to our place - their new home.