Alastair Scott Wairarapa MP has selected Lily Lewis, Makoura College, Masterton as Wairarapa Youth MP 2019. Ms Lewis will represent the voice of young people at the New Zealand Youth Parliament 2019.

“I am delighted to appoint Lily as my Youth MP 2019. She is passionate about the Wairarapa, the future for our communities and has an inclusive approach.”

“Parliament is about people. Laws and policies affect people’s lives each day. It can be a complex task to develop structures that serve everybody’s interests well.”

“I look forward to working with Lily to find ways to empower young people in the Wairarapa Electorate.”

Ms Lewis will begin preparing for the six month tenure period, March-August 2019 almost immediately.

“I am extremely proud to take on this role as Wairarapa’s Youth MP. I am looking forward to encouraging and developing the opinions of young people across our region to be heard.”

“I believe that many young people are worried about the future – we are under pressure to learn skills and gain qualifications in a world that is changing so quickly. We are worried about our social, economic and environmental future.”

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